Solvent Recycling - A Brief Overview

Solvent recycling, more accurately known as solvent distillation, is a method of taking a source material mixture and utilizing the differences in their boiling points to separate the source into its individual components, namely the most volatile to the least volatile, with the residual remaining at the end of the process.

A simple example of this process would be boiling a pot of water that also contains metal shavings. As the water evaporates it leaves the metal shavings inside the pot.

In terms of OES solvent recyclers, our systems capture the vapors and then cool them back into a liquid state. This returns the water (solvent) back to it's original state for re-use in your process.

Oregon Environmental Systems' solvent recyclers, namely the OES-20, OES-30, OES-60, and OES-200 are batch distillation systems and are completely compatible with our vacuum generators for utilizing the benefits of vacuum distillation.


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